Your "host" is well known for globe trotting with his fly rod, working with resorts to establish their areas as a bona-fide fly fishing destination resort, for his efforts in working with tourism boards and promoting fly fishing, he has been dubbed "Canada's Fly Fishing Ambassador". Bud has acted as a consultant in Canada, United States.Cuba, Abaco, the Turks and Caco

Bud produces annually Ontario's only fly fishing newspaper, writes articles for fly fishing publications, appears in a number of television fly fishing shows and does fly casting demonstrations for sports shows and special events.

A certified ski instructor with the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance, he has represented Canada at the World Ski Conferences, is a member of their Hall Of Fame. His teaching skills, combined with 50 years of fly fishing, personnally trained instructors, allow for a wealth of  knowledge and experience for students.



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