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Beaver Valley

What you see is a commissioned oil painting of an Elk farm in the Beaver Valley. We are on the west side of the valley looking towards Collingwood. About 20 km past the escarpment ridge in the distance is some of the best down hill slopes in the area. Also, inside the valley are two downhill areas. The Beaver Valley is also known around the world for its apples.

Oil Paintings bt Allen C. Hilgendorf

Every autumn we go for a drive to look at the fall colours of the maple leafs. But first, between Meaford and Thornbury we stop at one of the many fruit stands to pick up some of the freshest and crisp apples in the world. Because I'm local to the area, I know that the best view is not from the bottom of the valley. We usually drive the ridge on both sides of the valley then go to the Bognor Valley and home to Owen Sound.

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