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Lake Huron

This is a partial list until we can get a good map of the rest of the area.

No Maps YET
From Kincardine to Port Elgin, Southampton, Sauble Beach and all the parks in-between have excellent beaches with soft sand. July is usually the hottest month but June and August can also be quite hot. Most years the water has warmed up by July 1. In July we can get extended periods of extremely hot and calm tropical weather which is excellent for beaching. Kincardine, Port Elgin and Southampton have more of a family atmosphere while Sauble Beach is designed for the tourists and the young. Sauble Beach is a very long beach with half of it on the Indian Reserve. Most days in the summer you must pay to drive on their beach. Of coarse you probably know about the excellent wave action and the world famous sunsets. - (sunsets photo)

Tobermory area to come.

Oliphant Beach
Picture 1 | Picture 2
On the map we show one location for the beach but there are many. The location we show is where the washrooms are. The reason for many locations is that the water is so shallow that is some years there are no beaches because the water is up to the road but in most years you must walk or drive out to the water. Then you can keep walking for a long way before the water is up to your chest.

Red Bay Beach
Picture 1
This is a lovely small family beach with a nice park. This water is shallow and warms up early in the season. You can windsurf, water ski, canoe and sail small boats between the shore and the islands. You must launch your boat at Howdenvale but watch out for the shoals.

Georgian Bay

Georgian Bay takes longer to warm up than Lake Huron.

Lion's Head area to come.

Cape Croker Indian Reserve
This is excellent place to visit. GBD recommends that you go there even if it is for a day trip. You will get a warm welcome. Stop into the chip wagon and tell them that you saw this promotion on the Grey-Bruce Directory. Don't tell the owner you like fishing or you might be there all day.

Wiarton Beach
Picture 1
We don't know too much about this beach.

Below Colpoy's Lookout red 4
Picture 1
Lookout 1 | Lookout 2
This is a small park with a stony beach. The water is usually quite cool, but what a view. You can launch a small boat at this park.

Big Bay
This is a small park with a stony beach and pier. The water is usually quite cool, but what a view. You can launch a medium size boat at this location. See Feature Storey on Photo Page.

Centennial Park
On #26 close to Kemble.
Small stoney beach that is hard to find. Water is cooler but can be quite nice later in the season.
See Feature Storey on Photo Page.

Beach across the road from Owen Sound Golf Course.(west shore)
A nice little sandy beach with large boulders on the water. Good parking and picnic facilities. The water can be cool to warm because it is in a small shallow bay.

Kelso Beach (Owen Sound)
Picture 1
Good parking and lots of facilities and activities all summer long. The beach is sandy and shallow and looks nice. The water can be numbing cold all summer. The last time I swam there was in a triathlon 10 years ago and we live 2 km from this beach. We go to the beach at the golf course or Hibou C.A. instead.

Hibou C.A. red 11(Owen Sound Area)

  • Hibou C.A. Map
    This is one of the best Georgian Bay family beaches in Grey-Bruce.
    The water is usually warm with small waves. The beach is sandy or stony with trees. In the water you will find large boulders that the kids love. The shore has grass, trails, a play ground, washrooms, snack bar and more. People windsurf, water ski, sail and anchor their boats in Painters Bay. Yes people from the group of seven did paint here. There is a parking fee but you can bike or walk in for free.

    Ainslie Woods red 12 (Owen Sound Area)
    Nice park with a stony beach. Not too many people swim here but the Rainbow fisherman like this area.

    Meaford Beach
    We don't know too much about this beach except we do not see to many people swimming there.

    Christie Beach C.A. (Meaford Area)
    A very nice small park with a sandy beach.

    Little River Beach (Thornbury)
    Just west of Thornbury Harbour, at Elma and Harbour Sts.

    County Beach (Thornbury)
    Just off Highway 26, at County Rd. 4, three km east of Thornbury.

    Northwinds Beach (Craiglieth)
    Very nice small park with a sandy beach. Wind surfers come here from all over. Come early if you want to get in.
  • Inland Beaches
    We have more to list when we can find a good map.

    If the Spring is warm, these beaches will be ready for swimming by May 24th weekend.

    Berford Lake
    Picture 1
    This could be the best Inland public in Grey-Bruce. You will find a sandy beach, shallow warm water and a good play area.

    On the other side of the lake is a nice campground.

    Mountain Lake
    A campground is on a shallow lake with a small sandy beach.

    Bass Lake
    A small campground is on deep lake with a diving platform and raft. Kids like to go there for the diving.

    Chesley Lake
    A campground on a nice lake with a small sandy beach. There is also cottages, golf, tennis, church every day and a restaurant.

    Arran Lake
    Nice park with a boat launch for a small boat. Swimming from the dock.

    Also, a campground with a small sandy beach.

    Williams Lake
    A very small sandy beach on a very nice lake.

    We are an advocate for the Local Conservation Authority. They were the ones in the good old days when the government supported their ideas. Most of these properties that we use are free. With major cutbacks the C.A. must now find ways to make some money from these properties. With no way of policing their properties they must rely heavily on donations.

    -Fee: send donation to -
    Grey Sauble Conservation Authority
    Owen Sound, Ontario
    N4K 5N6

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