Cabot Head Lighthouse Museum
and the Windfield Nature Reserve

Facts about the area.
1: In the late 1800 there were many shipwrecks in the area. The last one was in 1951.
2: The unique diversity of plants and animals has earned it and the rest of the Niagara Escarpment the United Nations World Biosphere Reserve designation.

For more information contact:
The Friends of Cabot Head
P.O. Box 233
Lionís Head, On. Ca.
N0H 1W0

What you will see on the drive to Cabot Head:
The first place of interest when the road reaches the water is a government dock and boat launch. This is the best place in the area for a swim or have lunch. Continuing along the Cabot Head road you will see what we call a bolder beach. This type of beach goes all the way to Cabot Head. When we reached the Cabot Head Lighthouse Museum we were surprised to see that they had restored it. The view was fantastic and was well worth the drive. Note: There is a small stony beach for swimming.

Caution Note:
For a week or two in July you should take bug repellant because the flies that are only at Cabot Head are man eaters. Also, when you stop along the shore, you will notice small three leaf plants along the side of the road. These plants are called Poison Ivy. Some people get a very serious allergic reaction from the plants oily leaves. These plants can be easily avoided as they usually grow in small patches.

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