The Grotto
at Cyprus Lake, Tobermory

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Note: We did not get good pictures from inside the Grotto. We would appreciate a copy of your pictures. E-mail pictures at 100 bpi to cadweb@scsinternet.com. Thanks.

We have been to the Mountains, East Coast, West Coast, Kentucky Mammoth Caves, and the Smokey Mountain Range where we have seen spectacular views. Yes, the Grotto Trail is as enjoyable as those areas.

First I should say that this trail is very rugged. The best spots will require some beginner level rock climbing. The entry into the Grotto will be very difficult for a large person but a 5-year-old can do it easily.

Georgian Bay Trail
This is the best trail for the person that is not good at climbing. You will get to the water easily where there is a good view. Beyond this point will require some minor climbing.

The Grotto
The Grotto has a difficult climb down. Once in the Grotto you will see a fantastic under water cave that goes to Georgian Bay. On many weekends you will see scuba divers swimming through it. A very, very good swimmer can make it through. If you go from the inside, out to Georgian Bay there will be light to guide you. On one picture you will notice people climbing through a small hole. This is the back way down into the Grotto and is an easier climb. It can be found close to the wooden steps.

The Marr Lake Trail
This trail is very rugged. The view is fantastic and the rocks are fun to walk over. Most people are quite impressed with the huge pile of rocks on the shore over which they must walk. See the Bruce Peninsula National Park for the detail on how they got there.

Camping at Cyperus Lake
This campground is best suited for tents and small trailers. Also, it is very hard to get a site in July and August.

When traveling though the area and you only have time for one stop, I would recommend the Grotto hike. It can be done in a few hours but many people take a picnic and spend the day on the rocks. Enjoy

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