Fishing Islands at Oliphant sea kayak photo tour

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Fishing Islands at Oliphant

This is the first time for us in a sea kayak. July 1 the water on Lake Huron was calm so we decided to go out around the outside of the fishing islands. This was a very enjoyable trip even if we were a little tired coming back.

Water was down
To the first island you can drive a car because at Oliphant the water is very shallow and all sand.

The trip
We kayaked out the dug channel past the first island. We continued west to the last island, along shallow and sandy water; this was a couple of miles. Along the outside of the islands the shore was rock with very clear shallow water. In places the water was 20 feet and we could still see the bottom. We only saw a few fish, mainly carp. The rock shore was washed clean, probably by large waves that are normally on the outside of the islands. We saw seagulls, comerands and a few smaller birds. There were a few large and some smaller older style cottages. After a couple of miles we turned east towards shore. Under the water was sand again and got very shallow. Half way back we had to get out and walk the kayak of a few hundred feet. Looking back we could see a truck driving in the water from the island to shore. We then found the dug channel that went back to the government dock at Oliphant. In the channel were many carp jumping out of the water. At Olighant we decided to enjoy the sand and walk in to where we parked the car.

Most of the trip was in 3 to 6 feet of water.
Best to do this trip when the water is calm as the rocks could be dangerous with large waves.
Summer air temp is 15 to 30C
Water is normally warm in June, July, August and September.
We rented the sea kayak from Suntrail Outfitters