Owen Sound Beaches
Photo Tour
Owen Sound has some nice beaches.

The water is down and grass has started to fill in the old shore line.

Kelso Beach
This beach is close to downtown and holds many of the main events in the area. It is not the most popular Owen Sound beach. The wind normally blows the warm water out.

Hibou Park
This is the most popular beach in Owen Sound. The wind normally blows warm water into Painters Bay. This is also the location were people have painted famous landscapes. Hibou is located a few miles out the east shore. It is managed by the conservation autority who charge a $5 parking fee. There is no cost to walk in.

Sarawak Beach
This is a popular beach for a quick dip on a hot day. The parking lot is only a minute from the water. This beach has soft sand but in the water there are rocks with sand in some areas. It is located across from the golf coarse on the west shore.